Cincinnati Meeting Space: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Meeting is a Success

In my years of experience with corporate meetings and training sessions, I have learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of meeting presentations.  These tips are key in creating a good atmosphere for learning and, in turn, your audience will get the most out of what is presented. Boot Camp Digital recently opened up its new meeting space this year which has helped in facilitating successful business meetings and training sessions. For more information about Boot Camp Digital’s new meeting facility and how to book your next corporate meeting, visit

Every meeting needs a game plan. Making a meeting successful requires more than just a good night’s sleep.  Here are a few things to remember when holding your next corporate meeting in order to make it a guaranteed success.

1. Introductions

Begin your meeting or training session with introductions.  Introductions allow for people to connect with the people around them rather than sitting in a room full of strangers.  This eliminates the awkwardness between those in attendance and creates a comfortable atmosphere in knowing who people are, what company they work for, etc..

2. Working Presentation

This past year I attended a workshop where the examples in the PowerPoint presentation didn’t work properly.  It took away from the learning experience and, for the subject matter of the presentation, it was surprising that it didn’t work.  Before giving your presentation, make sure your slideshow and examples work. Test out all your links so you know that your presentation will run smoothly without trying to figure out technical difficulties.

3. Good Learning Environment

Make sure that the space you are in for your meeting is free of distraction and has the necessary tools for presenting your material.  Does your presentation require a PowerPoint?  Are you showing a video or photos?  Make sure there’s a projection screen available so that your visual presentation can aid in the learning experience.

4. Have an Agenda

Before you start your meeting, you should provide your audience with an outline of the topics that are going to be covered in your meeting. Not only will this help you in seeing how your meeting will flow, but it also gives your audience something to follow along with.  After the meeting, this will provide your audience with a reference they can look back on so they know the key points that were covered.

5. Keep your audience engaged

Keep it interesting.  Audience participation and involvement is just one way that you can keep your audience tuned in to what you are saying.  Make your material something worth talking about.  Visual aids are also a necessity for getting your audience’s attention – it gives them something to look at and are also great for recalling information.

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