As an Entrepreneur do you Stick the Landing or Blow the Last 10%

Today I’m working on our monthly email – the content for the email is great, but the subject line just isn’t doing it for me yet. I might be tempted to send it out anyways. 90% of it is done great. But the subject line is THE MOST IMPORTANT part.

In gymnastics it is the landing. The last thing that actually matters most.

I don’t know much about gymnastics but I know that if you do the flips great that is all fine and good, but if you can’t stick the landing (the last but hardest part) you’ll never place.

This is true for business also.

As entrepreneurs we are often so busy that we do 90% of the work and then we don’t have the time/energy/whatever is needed to really stick the landing at the end.

I’m guilty of this.

My goal this summer is to start nailing the landing.

Get it over the finish line.

Avoid the distractions.

Give that 10% extra to make it count.

Figure out the most important part and nail the landing.

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