27 Ways to Build a Strong Online Personal Brand

In the Internet age, a powerful personal online brand is a must for speakers, consultants, CEOs, sales representatives, business owners, freelancers and people in transition. Our new personal branding program Launch Yourself: Define, Design and Deliver Your Personal Brand Online is is generating a lot of interest, and I wanted to share some of the top tips for online personal brand building here.

What people find when they search for you online is now the first impression you are creating.

There are many ways to build a powerful brand online. Prior to building your brand, be sure to define your brand – what your brand is all about.

Once you’ve defined your brand and know what you want your brand to be about, here are a few ways to create a powerful brand online:

  1. Update your LinkedIn Profile – With all of your relevant background information, job information, etc.
  2. Create a blog and share your thoughts
  3. Join Twitter and connect with others in the community
  4. Participate in LinkedIn groups with other experts
  5. Create a branded website for yourself (for example I’m at www.KristaNeher.com)
  6. Create a profile on About.Me
  7. Create a profile on Google+ and share relevant news
  8. Comment on blog posts from other experts
  9. Become a guest writer on industry news sites
  10.  Join industry discussion forums and share your thoughts
  11. Create a visual resume from Re.Vu
  12. Make sure your Facebook profile is appropriate
  13. Create Pinterest boards that act as a resource
  14. Use Instagram to visually share your experiences
  15. Upload your resume online
  16. Share video thoughts on YouTube
  17. Request recommendations on LinkedIn
  18. Join Facebook groups for your industry
  19. Tweet at industry thought leaders
  20. Comment on news stories that are relevant to your industry
  21. Join industry associations and look for opportunities to participate
  22. Find meetup.com groups of your industry 
  23. Answer questions on Quora.com
  24. Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn
  25. Share presentations on Slideshare
  26. Share reports or whitepapers on Scribd.com
  27. Leave reviews on industry books on Amazon.com

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