Matter More, Market Less

Matter More. Market Less. Social media tipI read this quote in my Facebook newsfeed today (and apparently credit is due to Nathan Engels for sharing it).

As a marketer, it may be surprising that I would share this.

Market less. Matter more.

With social media, if you create content that matters to people they will WANT to pay attention to you.

Even after doing social media for 7+  years, so many businesses struggle with this idea. They think that the only way to sell is to directly talk about selling, or to do marketing by talking about your product or service.

Resist the urge.

Provide amazing information that matters to people.

This will establish your credibility.

This will grow your brand awareness.

This will grow your brand equity.

This will sell your product over time.

Marketing isn’t dead, but in a digital world where people don’t have a lot of time, they’ll give their attention to the things that matter to them, not the things paying to be in-front of them.

Figure out how to matter.


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