International Social Media Speaking: The Training Program I ran In India

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to run a social media business training program for an IT consulting company in Chennai India.  During the 2-Day training program I had the opportunity to share digital marketing strategies, tactics and tools and also get to know the Indian culture.

While when we think of social media there is often a perception that social media marketing is different in different geographies, and this is true, to a certain extent.  I’ve also presented in Latin America, Asia and Europe, and while there are definitely differences, there are also significant similarities.

Here are just a few observations that I wanted to share about the similarities in social media marketing:

  • While the sites and tactics may be different, the overall strategies are still similar
  • When trying to connect with people on digital and social, the general approach and opportunities are similar across geographies
  • The business social media planning process is the same – the tools and executions might be different
  • Facebook is emerging as the international social network that connects us all
  • Twitter also has mass adoption as the primary microblogging site across most geographies
  • Mobile marketing presents some of the biggest differences across geographies

At the end of it all, perhaps we are more similar than different.

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Krista Neher is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a bestselling author, international speaker and a respected authority on social media and internet marketing. Neher has written 3 books on social media marketing including a leading textbook (which was one of the first on social media). She is also the creator of one of the first social media marketing accredited certification programs, and has worked with leading clients like P&G, GE, Google, General Mills, Remax and many, many more.