How Speakers Can Use Infographics

Over the past few years I’ve been big on visual social marketing (I wrote 2 books on it), and I’ve recently been experimenting with infographics for uses beyond statistics. Soooo…. I created an infographic to represent my speaking qualifications and experience as a way to visually represent myself. As you can see below, the infographic shares my key accomplishments and bio information.

This would also be a great tool for personal branding for authors, coaches and consultants.

The reasons that I like the infographic as a professional speaker are:

  • Visually shows my accomplishments
  • Focuses on most impressive aspects of my background
  • Easy for people to understand and digest the information
  • Can be read by a meeting planner vs. a bio
  • Meetings and events can use it to promote me as a speaker

What do you think? Would you ever create one of these?

Krista Neher Infographic Professional Speaker

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Krista Neher is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a bestselling author, international speaker and a respected authority on social media and internet marketing. Neher has written 3 books on social media marketing including a leading textbook (which was one of the first on social media). She is also the creator of one of the first social media marketing accredited certification programs, and has worked with leading clients like P&G, GE, Google, General Mills, Remax and many, many more.

  • Kelli Pettigrew

    Like it Krista! Well done!

  • Glenn Proctor

    Very nice layout and presentation. Like it!

  • Steve Cherches

    Love it…! For all the reasons you mention… and more. Great job!