Social Media Real Estate Presentation: Creative Ways to Use Social Media

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with real estate agents about social media a number of times, and it is one of my favorite topics. Real Estate Agents have tons of opportunity to leverage social media for to grow their business, yet very few are really taking advantage of the opportunity.

The key to success is to build relationships and connect with people and NOT to always be selling. Many agents approach social media as an advertising platform and spam their friends or online groups with house listings. This is not the way to be effective in social media marketing.

People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

The goal of social media is to build those three elements with your connections so that you are the person they think of when they need to buy or sell a house, AND that you are the agent that they recommend to their friends.

The key to success is using social media to build all three elements (Know, Like and Trust) together. Your social media presence should build all three of these together. Here is how:


They know you and what you do and who you are. Knowing is about more than just the fact that you are an agent. They also want to know you as a human being. Knowing builds liking.

The other thing to keep in mind is that clients will look you up on the internet before they meet you in person. Are you making a good impression? Can they find you and all of the relevant information related to you?


People do business with people they like. You want people to like you. People like you because of WHO you are as a person. Share your personality and experiences. Find out what you have in common. The more that you share about yourself the more people will like you. Also, visibility increases likability. Studies show that the more you are exposed to someone the more they like you (assuming the interactions are not negative). This means that the more people see you (including on social networks) the more they will like you.


Social networks are a great place to build trust with people. We trust people we know are dedicated and committed to their job and that get results. You don’t have to promote listings on Facebook to do this, but find more subtle ways to highlight your work achievements. People need to know that you are good at your job to hire you. Build trust by periodically mentioning your achievements in a natural and conversational way.

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