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Looking for a speaker for your college event?  Krista Neher is an experienced and sought after speaker for college groups.  Krista will have your audience laughing and entertained but they will also walk away with knowledge on how to use social media appropriately.

Krista is a professional speaker on social media and has talked to a number of college student groups about social media and how to build a strong online brand as they transition into the workplace.  College students primarily use social media to to communicate with their friends and family – safety and appropriateness for the workplace are not considerations.

“Krista Neher is certainly a step ahead of the game.  She reigns in an ever changing social media landscape and presents depth and breadth of information that is intuitive and easy to grasp.  Very, very practical”. – Matthew Dooley, (After Krista’s Presentation to Xavier MBA Group)

Don’t Let Social Media Cost you a Job!

College students are among the most active on social networks – it is how they stay in touch with friends and family and share their lives.  As students transition into the workforce their profiles on social networks come under scrutiny by recruiters and potential employers.  Most recruiters report looking at social networks in the recruitment process – both for prospecting and qualification of candidates.  Is your social profile job hunt ready?

Krista Neher talks to college students about how to manage their online reputation to make it “job acceptable”.  Don’t let your social network cost you a job.  Learn strategies to manage privacy settings, what not to post and how to create a strong and balanced impression online.  This entertaining presentation covers how to get your social networks job ready and what not to do once you get into the work place.  Students will leave entertained and informed.

Staying Safe in Social Media (without cutting it out)

Students and young people are among the most active groups in social media.  Between posting photos on Facebook and sharing locations on Foursquare, people are sharing a lot of personal information online.  Virtually every college student is on some social network, and many are unaware of the potential risks of sharing information online.

Sharing personal information online creates a number of risks to students – from safety concerns to privacy issues.  Social networks are one of the keys ways that students stay in touch with their friends and build personal relationships.  Unlike other speakers, Krista doesn’t focus on preventing or scaring students away from sharing their lives online with their friends.  Her focus is on how to stay safe without compromising online friendships and relationships.

Krista Neher will share an entertaining presentation specifically for College kids on how to stay safe in social media.  Students will see examples of how over-sharing can create issues and learn tactics and strategies to stay safe.

Don’t Let Social Media Cost you Your Job!

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