Social Media Presentation: Social Media for the Scientific Community

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to speak at the AOCS (Your Fats and Oils Connection) National Convention in Long Beach California.  Speaking at the AOCS provided me with a unique opportunity to speak to the scientific community (including scientists and researchers) about how they could be using social media.

The scientific community is one of the latest to adopt social media as a collaboration and communication tool, yet there are many examples of how scientists have used social media to further their knowledge, collaborate, find resources and solve problems.  While intellectual property and privacy continue to be a concern, social media still presents a large opportunity for scientists.

I really enjoyed speaking to this group – the AOCS is a great organization with members who are very engaged, interested and interesting.

This presentation includes: 
– Introduction to social media
– Why social media is important
– The changing state of our environment
– How the scientific community can use social media
– Case studies and examples of how the scientific community is using social media to collaborate
– The benefits of social media

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