Entrepreneur Tip: The Last 10% Matters Most

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I was recently at the Grand Canyon and we decided to go to a lookout point to watch the sunset. It was freezing and windy, and there were a lot of people there.

The sun went down and 95% of the people left.

Then the magic happened.

You see the beauty of sunsets is that the magic happens about 5 – 15 minutes after the sun sets when the clouds are lit up with stunning colors creating a surreal look.

The thing was that most people went all the way there, waited out in the cold for the sunset but then left before the best part.

Watching this reminded me of business. It is those who put in that little bit extra who are rewarded. It isn’t a huge effort, like scaling a cliff, it is just the small effort – that extra 10%.

I interviewed a number of successful entrepreneurs last year about their business and found that most of them didn’t do anything spectacular. They just stuck around when everyone else left. They put in that little bit more.

They were consistent.

They were disciplined.

They were dedicated.

They stuck around and did a little more when most people would have left.

Do you leave as soon as the sun goes down, or stay for the magic.

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