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Krista is engaging, interactive and inspiring. Her presentations are top-rated because they are customized and get the audience involved.

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Do you need a professional YouTube Marketing speaker for your event?

Krista Neher can show your audience exactly how to get results from YouTube. Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication Don’t miss out!

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About Krista

Krista Neher, bestselling author of 3 books (including one textbook) on social media marketing, an international speaker and the CEO of Boot Camp Digital.  Krista has over 15 years of marketing experience and is a passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, engaging and hilarious speaker.  Krista created one of the first accredited social media marketing certification programs in the world and has helped companies like P&G, GE, Google, Macy’s, General Mills, Remax and more.  She has also been a featured expert on CNN, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Fox News, The Associated Press, NPR and has educated audiences in europe, asia, latin america and north america.

10 out of 10! – “Very knowledgeable!  I have seen a few different people talk about this subject and you have by far given me the best information on the topic.  Thank you.”Hilary Yacobucci, Social Media Coordinator, Farmers Insurance

Why Choose Krista?

Krista is a professional and experienced public speaker, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything.  She will be extremely easy to work with and will provide you with everything you need in advance.  If you can’t afford for your speaker not to be great, you’ve come to the right place.  Krista’s presentations on YouTube are among her best received social media talks.

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“The speaker was phenomenal!!!! Krista was honest, straightforward, genuine and very knowledgeable (not to mention hilarious!)” – Susan Lucking, Program Participant

Krista’s YouTube presentations consistently receive rave reviews because she both a professional and experienced speaker as well as highly knowledgeable about YouTube and video marketing.  Krista has worked with countless Fortune 500 companies and has trained small businesses, start-ups and medium business.

Contact-Me-V3Krista will entertain and educate your audience on how video marketing and YouTube, can provide tremendous opportunities for businesses.  Krista presents hundreds of times a year and is consistently invited back to events year after year.  She receives top scores because she is enthusiastic, entertaining and educational.  Don’t miss the opportunity to bring a world-class speaker to your next event.


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Krista is committed to over-delivering and helping make your event a HUGE success.  When you book Krista for your event you also receive the following free bonuses.

  • Bonus #1 Free Book Signing – Krista will conduct a book signing for your audience free of charge
  • Bonus #2 5 Free Copies of the Social Media Field Guide – For you to give to VIPs or use as a door prize
  • Bonus #3 Discounted Books – So that all of your attendees can walk away with a copy of the bestselling Social Media Field Guide
  • Bonus #4 Meet and Greet – Krista will participate in Meet and Greets, free of charge (schedule permitting)
  • Bonus #5 Q&A – Krista will provide a Q&A session after the presentation and individually answer questions
  • Bonus #6 Promotional Resources – Krista will provide you with everything that you need to promote your event


Why Krista Neher is the Ideal Speaker for Your Event

  • Customized Presentations for your Audience – Krista will learn about your event and audience and prepare a custom presentation just for you.
  • Professional and Organized – Krista is a professional speaker, which means that you don’t have to worry about anything.  She will be easy to work with and deliver an amazing presentation to your audience.
  • Experienced and Knowledgable – Krista isn’t just a speaker, she is an industry expert and thought leader.  Audiences love Krista’s presentations because they are learning from one of the best.
  • Entertaining and Fun – Speaking isn’t just about sharing a message – it is about engaging and entertaining an audience.  Krista will have your audience laughing and inspired.

YouTube Presentation Descriptions

Growing Your Business With YouTube

YouTube can be a powerful tool to connect with prospects, grow your audience, optimize your site for search engines generate leads and even increase sales of your product.  Many businesses still haven’t taken advantage of this powerful tool.  With the proliferation of easy to use recording equipment, any business can start using video to connect with their customers and grow their business.  It isn’t just about humor or searching for the “viral video” – learn practical videos that you can easily create to grow your business.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why video is important
  • Types of videos that can grow their business
  • Video optimization tips
  • Tips for creating videos that work
  • Best practices in video marketing
  • YouTube video optimization
  • New tools from YouTube that make video marketing even easier
  • How to attract an audience to your videos

Video Marketing And YouTube – How to Get Real Results by Optimizing for YouTube

We’ve all heard stories about “viral videos” that spread like wild fire and generated tremendous results for businesses.  The reality is that if it was that easy we’d all be rich.  Video marketing, like an other medium can be extraordinarily effective when used correctly.  This program will show you the insider secrets, tips and tricks that can lead to success with YouTube.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The myths and realities of “viral” videos
  • The elements that create successful videos
  • How to make your content sharable
  • Tips and tricks to optimize your content for YouTube
  • How to promote your videos
  • Driving traffic through YouTube

Strategic Video Marketing

Videos can be a key component of any strategic marketing effort.  If you want to communicate with an audience, nothing is more powerful than video and visuals.  Learn how businesses are increasing conversion rates, generating traffics and driving sales through the strategic use of videos.  This isn’t about “viral videos” it is about solid and proven strategy that can lead to video marketing success.
Participants Will Learn:
  • How their strategies can be translated into video marketing strategies
  • Success stories and case studies
  • How video fits with the rest of your online marketing and social media marketing
  • The types of videos that are driving results
  • How to create and implement a video marketing strategy
  • How video sharing sites play a role in growing your business online

Custom Presentations

Krista will create a customized presentation for your specific audience.  As a part of the booking process Krista will learn about your industry, your audience and your learning objectives.  All of her presentations are completely customized for your specific needs – you’ll get relevant examples and best practices for your audience.  Her presentation can be as advanced or as basic as required for your audience.  If you’d like a different spin on the presentation, contact us and we’ll create a custom presentation just for you!

“Krista was personable, knowledgable, and accomodating to the needs of our group.” Barbara Hooker, Huff Realty



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