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Speaking Topics

Krista Neher can speak on a wide range of topics on Social Media, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Mobile Marketing.

Krista doesn’t give canned presentations – she will customize her presentation to be relevant and engaging your your specific audience by including relevant, targeted examples.

If you have a presentation topic that is not included please contact us. Krista has presented hundreds of times (including multi-day workshops) and can customize a presentation for you.


Below are Krista’s most popular presentation topics:

Social Media Marketing Presentations

The Social Media Field Guide: How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Business

Social Media is one of the quickest growing and most powerful marketing opportunities for businesses. The trouble is that there are so many sites, and many businesses don’t know where to start. The Social Media Field Guide helps businesses understand social media marketing and how to create a strategic social media plan. This presentation covers “The 8 Directions of Social Media” and includes over 20 social media tools to leave your audience inspired and energized about social media marketing opportunities.

Social Media is Changing your Business. Are you Ready?

Social media is rapidly changing the way business is conducted. A recent survey showed that 85% of the Inc 500 say that social media will be important this year. Social media isn’t just about finding friends on Facebook – it can impact every aspect of your organization. You employees, customers, suppliers, partners and advisors are all using social media. In this presentation you’ll learn about how social media is changing the way we interact and communicate and how it impacts your business. Social media can impact your business internally and externally. Learn about how social media is impacting business and how you can be prepared in this entertaining and insightful presentation.

Steps to Building a Social Media Plan that Gets Results

With the explosion of social media, many businesses are rushing in without taking the time to build a strategic plan that will really get results. Most businesses fumble around in social media and don’t get the results they want. An average person on Facebook is connected to 190 people/pages/groups/events. There are 30 million blogs and only 60 million blog readers. If you want to break through the clutter you need a plan that stands out. This presentation covers the 8 steps to build a social media plan that works. We’ll cover the biggest mistakes that businesses make in social media and how to avoid them. Attendees will leave this session with a solid understanding of how to build a plan to get real results.

Navigating the Social Media Landscape

With thousands of social media tools and websites it can be difficult to navigate the landscape and identify the real opportunities. This action-packed session will cover over 20 different social media tools that can be big opportunities for your business. Rather than narrowly focusing on Twitter or Facebook, think about the entire range of social media tools that can impact your business. From Groupon to discussion forums to wikis to mobile we’ll cover more social media tools than you knew existed!!!! This session will leave you inspired and excited about what you can do with social media!!!

The Business Value of Social Media
More people check Facebook every day than read the newspaper or listen to the radio – you can’t afford to ignore it any more. Social media site like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are transforming your business, your customers, your colleagues, your partners, and everyone linked to them in revolutionary ways. Whether you’re a small-business owner or part of a multinational corporation, you need to be listening to what is being said about your products, your services, and your competitors across all social outlets. Companies that choose to ignore social networks are literally doing business at their own peril! Join us for an illuminating discussion as we move past outdated business models, tackle ROI, and unlock the economic potential of social media.

Online Brand Management Strategies

In the world of social media brands have less control over their brands and the power is in the hands of consumers.  Social networks, twitter, ratings and reviews and discussion forums are increasingly shaping how your brand is perceived online.  As social media is increasingly included in search results brands have to take notice!  You need to take control back by monitoring and participating in social media.  In this session we’ll cover how brands to monitor your brand on social media and how to effectively manage your brand in an increasingly consumer controlled environment.

Building a Strategic Social Media Marketing Plan

The # 1 mistake that most companies make with social media is not approaching it strategically. Business owners hear the buzz about Facebook Fan Pages or Twitter accounts and rush to create their profiles. They collect fans and followers but fail to see business results and give up. Successful businesses approach social media strategically. In this presentation Krista Neher will share the Boot Camp Digital Social Marketing System – a step-by-step approach to building a social media plan that gets results.

Is there ROI in there? Measuring the Value of Social Media

As businesses jump in to social media marketing many are skeptical about the actual return. And with good reason. Many companies don’t measure the results from their social media marketing, or they focus on measuring the wrong things. This presentation will cover how to really measure the business value of social media to determine if you are getting the results you need. We’ll cover multiple tools for monitoring social media as well as creating a balanced scorecard to measure results.

The Brand of YOU! Managing your personal brand online.

Employers, business partners, customers, friends, family and even recruiters are googling, Facebooking and LinkedIning you online. Are you actively managing your brand? In today’s world your information is available at the click of a button. It is increasingly important to create and manage your personal brand online. This presentation covers common issues and concerns with online personal brand management as well as strategies to build a strong and consistent person brand that gets results. Real examples and personal experiences make this presentation entertaining and engaging.

Presentations on Specific Tools:

Social Media 101

Unlocking the Business Value of Facebook

LinkedIn for Results: Leveraging the Biggest Business Social Network for Real Business Results

Twitter Marketing: How to use the Fastest growing social network for your business

Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers: Leveraging blogs for business success

College Presentations

Don’t let your Facebook Page Cost you a JOB! Personal Brand Management Strategies for College Students.

Over 80% of recruiters look at social media profiles as a part of the recruiting process, yet most College students spend hours on their resumes and completely ignore their online brand. In this engaging presentation we’ll cover the most common mistakes with social media management as well as how to avoid them. Students will also walk away with actionable strategies to build a positive brand for themselves online that will highlight their accomplishments and get them jobs! Full of real-world examples and personal stories, this presentation keeps audiences entertained!

To Post or Not to Post…. Staying Safe in Social Media

We increasingly live our lives online – posting photos, videos, comments, stories, tweets, status updates and even our location to share with our friends and families. But how much information is too much? Could you be putting your safety or reputation at risk with your social networks? This presentation highlights the obvious and not-so-obvious risks associated with posting on social networks with entertaining examples. In addition, students will learn actionable strategies to stay safe online and manage their social networks.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing 101

Mobile marketing is one of the quickest emerging marketing tools available. More people have mobile phones than the internet, and the proliferation of smartphones is changing the way we access the internet. In this exciting session Krista Neher will cover all of the most important marketing opportunities that mobile presents – SMS text messaging, mobile internet, applications, smart-phones and mobile voice to name a few. Mobile is the next big thing in marketing – don’t miss out.

Top Mobile Trends to Watch

With the popularity of QR Codes and mobile applications, where is mobile actually going in the next year, five years and 10 years? What are some of the major trends in mobile marketing and how can businesses be aware of them and take advantage of them. Mobile devices are not just changing the way be make phone calls – they are changing the way that we complete tasks, communicate with each other and receive information. Learn about how mobile has the power to dramatically transform your business and personal life in this interactive presentation.

How Mobile Applications will Change Your World

Mobile applications are bigger than games on an iPhone. Applications are able to provide us with new and improved ways of doing things – from swiping credit cards, to using GPS systems, to storing information to tracking medical conditions. Mobile applications have the potential to overhaul entire industries. In this presentation, we’ll cover the power of mobile applications and how they are impacting our lives. We’ll also cover how businesses can participate in mobile applications to get real results.

Digital Marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends (and what they mean to you)

This presentation covers the top trends in digital marketing, and what they mean to you. In this presentation you’ll learn about where digital marketing is going in the next year, five years and ten years. We’ll cover new breakthroughs in technology as well as how digital marketing has evolved and will evolve over time. This inspiring and useful presentation will get you excited about the future and give you the edge to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing 101

This presentation covers all of the key trends in digital marketing. Discover the world of digital marketing and the key opportunities for your business. In this presentation we’ll cover the 8 Key Pillars to digital marketing and how YOU can leverage them. Digital marketing is so much more than Facebook or online advertising. It is about new ways to connect with and engage with consumers.

Industry Specific Presentations

In addition to specific topics on social media, digital marketing, mobile marketing and entrepreneurship, Krista has a variety of industry specific presentations. These presentations are targeted with practical examples specifically for your industry.

  • Social Media for Real Estate Agents
  • Social Media for Meeting Planners
  • Social Media for MLM
  • Social Media for Restaurants
  • Social Media for Retail
  • Social Media for Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media for CPG
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