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Marketing and Advertising Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Krista Neher, bestselling author of six books on social media and digital marketing, international speaker, and the CEO of Boot Camp Digital has 20 years of marketing experience and is a passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, engaging, and hilarious speaker. Krista created one of the first accredited social media marketing certification programs in the world and has helped companies like Meta, P&G, GE, Google, Macy’s, General Mills, Remax, and more. She’s been a featured expert on CNN, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Fox News, The Associated Press, Forbes, Newsweek, and NPR, and has educated audiences in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America.

10 out of 10! – “Very knowledgeable!  I have seen a few different people talk about this subject and you have by far given me the best information on the topic.  Thank you!” Hilary Yacobucci, Social Media Coordinator, Farmers Insurance

Sample Session Descriptions

Below are some sample session descriptions (click the plus sign for full description). Most sessions can be delivered as a keynote presentation, a break-out presentation, or a workshop, customized for your industry. Looking for something else? Contact us to see if we can help!

Many businesses are already active on social media but aren’t getting the results that they want. While setting up a presence isn’t difficult, breaking through in a more and more cluttered landscape can be a huge challenge.

For most businesses, content and analytics are the two biggest opportunities to drive better results. By better understanding current performance, data and analytics marketers can make smarter choices going forward. Next, by creating content that really connects and engages the audience marketers can break through the clutter and drive thumb-stopping power.

Content Optimization

  • Content Best Practices. Overall best practices for creating content that stands out on social platforms. How to craft content that is most likely to break-through and get noticed.
  • Channel Best Practices. Best practices for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to optimize content and take full advantage of the program.
  • Content Analysis. Analyze content to evaluate if it meets best practices and how it could be improved.
  • Hands-on Content Improvement. Improve existing content in an interactive exercise.


  • Overview of Analytics. Why analytics matter and how to use them to improve business results.
  • Channel Analytics. Look under the hood into Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Analytics to better understand current performance.
  • Hands-On Analytics Insights. Explore analytics and develop insights on results and action items based on data.
  • Analytics Workflow. Integrating analytics into your existing work to maximize results.

Your content on social media is the most important thing. People on social networks are inundated with content – from friends, family, and businesses. If you want to stand out and be heard you need to structure your message in a way that will draw attention.

On any digital platform great content will make or break your success, so using best practices to create content is key. Digital content requires a focus on the customer in order to attract them and drive interest in your content.

In this session, we’ll cover

  • Earning attention with great content
  • Content creation process
  • Creating interesting digital concepts (how to get inspired)
  • How to make your content more interesting
  • Tools to create great content (images)
  • Optimizing content for digital

In social media you have to earn attention – whether your strategy is paid or organic people have to want to view your content. Creating great content is part art and part science. It starts with powerful ideas and content strategy and requires strong implementation following best practices to really grab attention.

Boot Camp Digital will deliver a content workshop that drives results for the organization. Our workshop isn’t just theoretical or based on power-point – it is interactive and hands on with practical implementation tips. This workshop will include 2 sessions that will build on each other: the first focused on Content Strategy and the second on Content Implementation.

Content Strategy: Building a Powerful Content Plan

The first step in creating powerful content is having a sound strategy that is designed to get you real results. This session focuses on building a clear strategy including:

  • Identifying your objectives and understanding what your audience wants
  • Content topics that get the results you want
  • Building your content calendar
  • Establishing clear tone-of voice and guidelines for your brand
  • Creating your workflows to drive success

Content Optimization: Content that Connects

Once you have a strong content plan, content must be created in a way that really connects with your audience. In this session we’ll cover the best practices that lead to powerful posts and participants will actually evaluate and create posts that match best practices.

  • Content best practices (images, text, videos)
  • Evaluating content
  • Crafting powerful content

Marketers and business professionals need a solid strategic understanding of digital to succeed today. This Boot Camp program covers all aspects of digital marketing and can be delivered in a 1/2 day to 4 day format based on the depth of understanding and number of topics covered.

The digital marketing Boot Camp is based on the Boot Camp Digital 4 Day Boot Camp but can be customized for clients.

Digital Marketing Foundations

The audience needs to have a strong foundation of digital marketing including what the different tools/channels are and how they work. Understanding the foundations allows businesses to better determine how various digital marketing tools can impact their business results and go “under-the-hood” of how they work to empower them to better evaluate proposals from agencies.

Strategic Choices + Understanding

Once participants understand the channels/tools available to them, the next step is building a clear strategy based on how each channel can contribute to business or marketing objectives. Additionally, setting KPIs and understanding how to really measure digital will be addressed to empower participants to evaluate the success of their efforts. This portion of the program will help participants to build a solid digital marketing strategy that directly links to business results.

Integrating Digital

Finally, integrating digital with traditional marketing allows businesses to extend the reach of their traditional campaigns and think more holistically about marketing vs. thinking in silos (digital vs. traditional).

Interactive Approach

Based on adult learning methodology, Boot Camp Digital uses an interactive approach to the training program. This allows participants to synthesize and apply what they have learned in a hands-on interactive atmosphere.

Measurement, analytics and ROI are among the top topics that marketers want to focus on to improve their results. Knowing the impact of your efforts and improving them is required to continue to invest in digital marketing or social media.

Analytics and measurement will show you how and why to build a measurement plan for your digital marketing efforts. Measurement doesn’t have to be complicated – the idea is to establish a clear path to evaluate and improve your efforts.

Participants will Learn:

  • A deep dive into digital marketing analytics and what they mean
  • An interactive advanced training on Website, Ads, Facebook, SEO, Instagram and other digital tool metrics, both paid and organic
  • Review of reporting tools
  • How to create reports
  • How to build an measurement and analysis plan
  • Action planning for implementation

Communicating Digitally in the Age of Squirrel Limited Attention

Communicators used to have captive audiences that would actually pay attention. Today, regardless of your communication channel or method you are fighting for attention. People have their mobile phones with them constantly and are bombarded with messages… so how do you stand out in the digitally distracted age?

The first phase should kick-off the program and get participants excited about managing their online personal brand.

At the end of the program, participants will have a firm grasp on:

  • Digital communications channels and mediums that smart communicators are using
  • How digital impacts traditional communications
  • The challenge of digital attention spans and expectations (especially with younger audiences)
  • What we can learn from digital about smart, effective communications
  • Best practices for digital channels:
    • Email
    • Websites
    • Social Media
    • Intranets
    • Etc.
  • Trends in communication that you can use to your advantage
  • How to craft smart messages that break through the noise and meet your objectives
  • Measuring and optimizing to grow your success

Building a Social Media Strategy

Social media starts with a solid strategy. This section will include building a strong social media strategy as well as how to build a strong content marketing strategy. We’ll look at how to integrate social media with traditional marketing efforts to connect with customers.

Social Networks: What, Why,  How + Best Practices

Marketers need an in-depth understanding of how key social networks work including: what they are, how businesses use them, why businesses use them and best practices. This portion will equip marketers with how to use key social networks to grow their business effectively and efficiently.

Measurement, ROI and Efficiency

Implementing social media effectively also means understanding how to focus efforts and drive ROI (return on investment). To complete the program we will focus on how to maximize ROI by approaching social media strategically and efficiently, as well as how to measure the impact.

The speaker was phenomenal! Krista was honest, straightforward, genuine and very knowledgeable (not to mention hilarious!) – Susan Lucking, Program Participant

Why Choose Krista and Her Team of Speakers?

If you can’t afford for your speaker not to be great, you’ve come to the right place. Krista and her team of speakers are:

   Consistently top-rated: Krista’s presentations receive rave reviews because she takes the time to learn about your event in order to captivate your audience.

   Highly knowledgeable: Krista and her team are highly knowledgeable and bring concepts to life with engaging experiences. They’re industry experts and thought leaders. Audiences love Krista’s presentations because they’re learning from one of the best.

   Customized presentation: You won’t get a canned presentation – you’ll get a presentation customized for your audience and industry to hit a home-run.

   Professional, organized, and experienced public speakers: This means that you don’t have to worry about anything. Krista and her team are extremely easy to work with and will provide you with everything you need in advance.

   Entertaining and Fun: Speaking isn’t just about sharing a message – it’s about engaging and entertaining an audience. Krista and her team will have your audience laughing and inspired.


Krista and her team of speakers are committed to over-delivering and helping make your event a HUGE success. When you book her for your event, you also receive the following free bonuses.

  • Bonus #1 Free Book Signing – Krista will conduct a book signing for your audience free of charge
  • Bonus #2 5 Free Copies of the Social Media Field Guide – For you to give to VIPs or use as a door prize
  • Bonus #3 Discounted Books – So that all of your attendees can walk away with a copy of the bestselling Social Media Field Guide
  • Bonus #4 Meet and Greet – Krista and her team will participate in Meet and Greets, free of charge (schedule permitting)
  • Bonus #5 Q&A – Krista will provide a Q&A session after the presentation and individually answer questions

How We Drive IMPACT

Krista Neher and Boot Camp Digital have 15+ years of professional training and speaking experience. We make speaking impactful.

  • Audience Engagement – We have proven strategies to engage your audience and drive active participation. Your audience won’t be bored by powerpoint.
  • Resources to Implement – We provide resources to implement what we share. We offer Quickstart Guides, Checklists, and Templates so the audience can implement what they learn.
  • Actionable Program – While listening and learning is great, driving impact and action is even better. We incorporate action planning into our programs to create and sustain impact.
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