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Executive Social Media Coach

Many executives that I encounter need an unbiased source to help them navigate the difficult social media landscape. I’ve trained plenty of advertising and marketing departments for corporations, I’ve held social media classes and courses for small businesses and individuals, and I am a frequent keynote speaker at social media conferences. Many people have now requested that I add another social media training option to my list, and I’ve agreed!

When it comes to social media, executives have specific needs.  Although they may not be interested in social networking, social media is impacting their customers, competitors, employees, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders. They can’t ignore it anymore – they need to adapt to social media in some way or another.  While executives may not find value in sharing their personal stories on Facebook or Twitter, they need to understand how it is impacting their organization.

Our executive social media training programs are specifically catered to the busy schedules of top executives.  We can create a custom learning program for each individual to maximize their time investment. An executive social media coach is what you’ve asked for, and I’m now making it available to you!

Rates will be based upon the company, needs, time allotted, etc. You can email [email protected] to set up a free phone call to hear more about the Executive Social Media Coach program.

To read about my credentials, check out my About Me page as well as my Resume.

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