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Krista Neher is a sought after social media speaker and has presented hundreds of times to Fortune 100 corporations, small businesses, trade associations and conferences. She is a social media pioneer, marketing guru, bestselling author of The Social Media Field Guide, CEO of Boot Camp Digital and Managing Director of the Institute of Social Media at Cincinnati State.

Social Media is changing business, communications, relationships, marketing, customer service, research and development, information sharing, technology and the way we get things done. Are you ready?

“Krista’s engaging personality, professional presentation skills, and top-tiered marketing and social media knowledge combine to create a fun, knowledge-based, energy-filled experience.” – Joanne Maly

Krista can create a program to specifically match the needs of your audience and work with conference and meeting organizers to deliver keynote presentations, breakout sessions, workshops or run half-day, full-day or multi-day seminars. 

While many speakers have hitched their wagon to social media, Krista Neher is the real deal when it comes to social media marketing. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing (including 5+ years at Procter & Gamble) and was one of the first marketers using Twitter, Facebook and Myspace to get real business results.

She isn’t just a great speaker – she is absolutely an industry expert.

Popular Speaking Topics Include

Krista is a professional speaker and works with many organizations to create customized presentations specifically for their audiences.  Below are some of the most popular social media presentation topics.

  • The Social Media Field Guide: How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Business
  • Social Media is Changing Your Business: Are you Ready?
  • Steps to Building a  Social Media Plan that Gets Results
  • Social Media 101: The Beginners Guide to Social Media
  • Navigating the Social Media Landscape
  • The Business Value of Social Media
  • Online Brand and Reputation Management Strategies
  • Is There ROI in There? Measuring the Value of Social Media
  • The Brand of YOU! Managing Your Personal Brand Online
  • 7 Biggest Mistakes Companies make in Social Media (and how to avoid them)
  • Unlocking the Business Value of Facebook
  • Twitter marketing How to use the Fastest Growing Social Network for your Business
  • Blogs, Blogging and Bloggers: Leveraging blogs for Business Success
  • LinkedIn for Results: Leveraging the Biggest Business Social Network for Real Business Results
  • Location Marketing: How Local Businesses can Win on the Web


In addition to providing a great presentation, Krista will provide the following bonuses to make sure that your audience gets the most out of the presentation.
  • Bonus #1: Free Book Signing – Krista will do a book signing after the speaking engagement for no additional charge (audiences love this).
  • Bonus #2: 5 Free Signed Copies of the Bestselling Social Media Field Guide – You can give these away as gifts, door prizes or auction items.
  • Bonus #3: Discounted Copies of The Social Media Field Guide – When you book Krista to speak, you can purchase the Social Media Field Guide at a considerable discount for your attendees to provide them with even more value.
  • Bonus #4: Additional Meet and Greets – If travel arrangements allow, Krista will participate in any Meet & Greet events.

“It was an absolutely fabulous presentation, I am so glad that we had her come down, everybody learned a lot, we had a terrific turn out and the truth of the matter is that it was the best show that we have had so far.” – Tim Piazza, Organizer and Founder of Social Media Club Evansville

“Krista Neher gets it – and always has!  She knows that ‘engagement’ is more than a cheap slogan, it is a disciplined practice that requires attentive listening, deep consumer understanding, humility, credibility and a keen sense of timing.  She also understands the interdependency – nay co-dependency – of paid, owned and earned media!” – Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Media at Nestle, Ad Age Columnist and Author.

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