What Makes a Great Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker?

I’ve been speaking professionally for over 10 years now, and as a speaker I find that I learn the most by watching and learning from other speakers.

Today I had the opportunity to watch 17 different speakers as a part of a Digital Day event with a client, and I wanted to reflect on my observations and share them with you.

So, What Makes a Great Speaker:

1.  Delivery over Content

Delivery matters more than content. Some of the people with the best content didn’t get much traction because their delivery wasn’t great. Most people spend 90% of their prep time on content and almost none on delivery. This should be flipped.


Most speakers are just LOW ENERGY. They are smart, well spoken and know their stuff but they don’t seem energetic or enthusiastic. Get some energy (or fake it). Seem passionate and excited – it is contagious.

3. Don’t Look Back at Your Slides

When you present your slides are usually behind you. Don’t look back at them. It looks strange and reduces your connection with the audience. You can occasionally point to slides or draw attention to them, but don’t stand and look at the slide while you are talking.

4. Presence

Work on your presence. Be big. Take over the stage. This isn’t the time to be small (and I’m not speaking about height). Own the stage with big posture and gestures.

5. Move around

Don’t stand in one place. Use the stage.

6. Jokes and Laughs Score Big

Get some jokes in your presentation. It can be some funny slides, a few jokes, whatever it is. Get people laughing and watch comedians for delivery. Pause to let people laugh. If they don’t laugh turn that into a joke. Humor matters.

7. Engage and Interact

This was missing from most of the presentations that I saw. When people sit for an entire day they get bored. No matter how great you are. Get them involved. Do a survey. Have them vote. Get someone up on stage. Plan and experiment with some interactions.

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