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  • Mark Ulrey

    Hi Krista,
    In the seminar that I attended last Sunday, you mentioned Naked Pizza blowing away individual day sales records with what they did with their Social Media campaign. Can you explain to me how they attained those results and what deals that they used?
    Mark Ulrey
    Ulrey Foods, Inc.

  • admin

    Hi Mark

    You can find some details at the following sites:

    Hope this helps! I’ll have to stop by one of your stores the next time I’m in Dayton!

  • Kit Boesch

    Audience: Business & Professional Women. The only BPW Chapter left in the state of NE. This is their annual event. They try to raise money and have v. little to spend. Krista Neher would be awesome. The big question: How much would she charge for a keynote speech at a dinner with approx. 50-75 people?

    There is a thought that another organization could assist with costs if she would be willing to speak at the Federation meeting (where 140 non-profit organizations are present. The last one they held drew 150 people.

    Thoughts? [email protected]