Confessions of a Frequent Business Traveler – It Isn’t as Sexy as You Think

As a frequent keynote speaker and social media trainer, I travel a lot.

I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world… helping people through speaking is the best job I could have dreamed of.

People often comment about how cool it must be – setting off around the world, exploring new cities, gaining new experiences, staying in amazing hotels….

We Post the Best on Facebook, not the Worst

My Facebook friends in particular often see the glamorous side of my travel – Checking out a music festival in Brazil, exploring India, spending an evening on a sunset cruise in Newport RI, enjoying a day on Daytona Beach in December, checking out the sites of London and Paris or skiing at Whistler Mountain in Vancouver. Don’t get me wrong, these are all amazing experiences — and the things that make traveling fun and enjoyable.

But the reality of business travel is the side that doesn’t get posted to Facebook:

  • Running a full-day workshop after 3 hours of sleep
  • Waiting in an airport for 10 hours and not knowing if I’ll make it home
  • Flying for 10 hours and then driving for 4 hours to get where I need to be on-time
  • STRESSING over missed connections
  • Staying in sketchy hotels
  • Forgetting my contact case or glasses for the 500th time
  • Not being able to get into a diet/exercise routine
  • Working super-late hours to get everything done
  • Annoyingly trying to get wifi in airports, on planes, at hotels to get work done
  • Missing meetings/calls because I still can’t correctly calculate time zones
  • Forgetting my phone charger in the hotel and scrambling to find something to charge my phone so I know where I’m going

While there are some huge perks to traveling, those perks are probably only 10% of the travel time. 90% of it is stress and hassles.

Over the past year I’ve gotten much better at traveling (maybe that will be the next post – how to travel like a pro)….


Don’t Buy Into the Illusion

Most business travelers make travel seem glamorous, but it really isn’t (most of the time) unless you make the effort to really enjoy it….

My first 5 – 10 years of business travel were hell – until I learned (from other frequent travelers) how to enjoy it.

Now I love travel.

The Secrets to Loving Business Travel

Here are the top 5 tips that have allowed me to love business travel.

  1. Reduce Stress – Accept that you have no control. A friend once told me that once you get to the airport you have no control. Accept this and it will reduce your stress about delays or other issues.
  2. Splurge for small pleasures – Buy the $10 fresh fruit drink. Airport prices on almost anything are crazy high, and if you are frugal (or cheap) like me you may feel like things are a rip off and not indulge. Travel is MUCH more enjoyable if you allow yourself a few small pleasures (regardless of the cost) – an airport manicure, a glass of wine or a healthy snack (if you can find one).
  3. Give yourself plenty of time. I always book flights so that I can miss at least one flight and get to where I need to be on time. This helps with #1.
  4. Pack Light. Travel is easier  if you aren’t hauling a ton of stuff across the airport. Get better at packing and only travel with what you need.
  5. Invest in good luggage. Good luggage makes it easier to get you and your stuff around the airport. Cheap roller bags are harder to pull and cheap handbags can break or are less comfortable (with cheap shoulder straps, etc). Get good luggage – it will last forever and make your life easier.
  6. Bring a refillable water bottle. Almost all airports have water refill stations and I drink a TON of water. I always bring a refillable bottle and try to drink a full bottle before boarding then I bring a full one on the plane. Nothing is worse than travel dehydration.
  7. Pack snacks. I always realize I’m starving when I get on the plane. Travel is energy draining. Keep your energy high with healthy snacks.
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